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Web interface and editing

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i am seriously considering purchasing this game panel, it looks great good job; i just have a few questions....


1. Is it web based i think it is but i can never get my head aroudn it!


2. assuming it is are we allowed to edit the panel in any way to match our webiste this would not be de-branding the panel purley just the colour scheme


3. How is it driven php or wht?


4. i assume i only need the master lisence for one server but at what point do you need to update this?


Sorry about these questions i could probably work them all out if i looked properly!!


thanks in advance,



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1. Yes.

2. Yes

3. ASP.NET (Needs to be run on windows)

4. You will need 1 Master server license to start. As you add new servers boxes on you will need 1 remote license for each server box.


Hope this helps.

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