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Server Creation Problems


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I have installed the tc admin on windows iis and can log in and create users ect


I placed css install files in my dir c:\gameinstalls\ccs\hlserver


I then try to install a server using Create a Game and Voice Server and its starts creating. i check the user directory and it is copying the files and have thte creating file.


But then the whole user and the game files disapear and no server is installed can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?

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sorry i didnt make that clear, i copied it exactly from the windows address bar into the tc admin box so it is exactly correct (including all capitals etc) and the fact i can see some of the files copy before it is removed shows it is the correct dir else it would not copy anything.


[edit] - unless you mean i should not use the hlserver folder and just put the install files directly into the css folder... i will re-download the files using hlds downloader and download them directly into that folder... lets wait and see

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