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ZoneAlarm/Kaspersky says srcdsfpsboost.exe is malicious? false positive?


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I tried running srcdsfpsboost.exe on my PC which has Windows XP with ZoneAlarm/Kaspersky antivirus and it notifies me that srcdsfpsboost.exe is a malicious program.


I am assuming this is normal just because of what the program does (modifying the kernel timer)


Am I right? Is this normal?


Or is this something to be worried about?

(I downloaded the file from tcadmin.com if that helps)


Thank you

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Guest corrine76

sorry to hear about that... anyways as you know kaspersky is a very good antivirus and when it says something, it says with a reason. basically, everything that modifies the OS it's consider as being kind of a malware and it blocks it... this is how it should work

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