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I'm not sure why I'm posting this, but I feel the impulse to.


Ever since about 2007, I started selling server unofficially from a box I rented that I used for my own personal use. Around end of 2007 to 2008, I went to just selling servers for "profit" (if you want to call it that). I bought my first box, and had it colocated in CA. I put my heart in soul into that box. Later on, I started expanding to NY and purchased a box from our own Jason here on the forums. I've gone through the rough and the high times, but I've learned a lot. I host Gmod servers, and as you know, that's pretty much GSP suicide (because of the resources). I can tell you it hasn't been easy with what Garry (the mod creator) and his radical changes. But, you might be asking, why are you doing this if you constantly loose money. It's because I have a burning passion for it and I love what I do. There's nothing in the world I'd trade my company for. It's almost like my child now. I just thought I'd share my passion for hosting and not doing it for profit but just for the love. I love being the prime hoster for my game, because I know I'm doing it correctly. I love doing it correctly and looking out for the best of the players.


-Daxter Fellowes


The Idiot Hosting Gmod Servers

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