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Time I quit just being a devil and fess up to the truth


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Well I have messed with TCadmin now for 3 month. All the time doing my best to try and break it :lol: but yet it has stood up to everything I have tried on it always coming out on top. No I don't mean that I couldn't miss configure it. I mean if you use proper settings it will work, and if the settings are wrong then you'll be able to fix it without reformatting your whole system or restoring a backup. And when done right it can almost be idiot proof on the user end for those hosting companies with idiots. (I'm sure none of you have them right :lol: )




If you are looking for a simple one click item, then this is not it and they tell you that up front.


But if you want a strong, stable control panel that will grow with you and meet any requirement a knowledgeable hoster could need. This is most defiantly your product!




It is built off rock solid principles. Has an extremely wide range of abilities all off the smallest bits of code around. There customer support while human, does an outstanding job of treating you as an individual and trying to work with you to resolve any problem. They are constantly listening to their customers needs and wants and coming up with excellent methods of fulfilling them.




I whole heartedly support them and don't see any chance that I will ever be moving to another control panel. If you know what your doing on a computer and want the best control panel out there. Then you need TCadmin!

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