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Single CPU or Multy CPU


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OK, hoping perhaps one of the other hosting companies out there has real world experience with this question that they would share. I've always used single as they are cheaper and it separates the processes. But reviewing the latest servers (getting ready to upgrade) I've begun to wonder if they have possibly come far enough with the technology for a 4 processor server to nearly equal 4 single processor servers provided ram and other resources are also multiplied by 4. As this would save me licensing cost it is tempting, but I would hate to get totally surprised in a bad way after spending the money.




So what does everyone else think? Single processor or multy processor? How close do you come to getting full server capabilities from each additional processor?




Thanks in advance for any feedback. :smile:

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I prefer to run all dual cpu systems. For me, they handle map changes and such better than a single cpu system. With a dual cpu system, you cannot nessesarilly run 2X as many servers as a single cpu system, but can offer a better quality of gameserver for your customers.




There are good arguments pro/con against single or dual systems in the other thread here. I can not argue any of the points made in there, all are valid depending on your business model :smile: You will need to use whichever will fit you and your customer's needs the best.




I refuse to oversell my servers and with a single cpu server, depending on the game and game servers sizes (most of mine are 20 players or more), I will only run 2, possibly 3, and maybe only 1 server on them (large BF2). With a dual cpu system, I will run 4-6 game servers, again depending on the games/sizes. As a result, I will not, and can not afford to offer game servers at 2.00 a slot like some GSPs do. I am not trying to knock them at all, but that is not my business model.




This is just my opinion and how I run my business. Some may agree, and some will disagree :razz: But I have my business model and they have theirs :smile: Mine is right for me, and theirs is right for them :grin:

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While I have to say that I agree with both of you regarding quality of service, there is also a big niche in the market for lower priced gameservers as well.




Both models have been proven to work if done correctly.




One thing I have noticed in our past experience of hosting games, and supporting TCAdmin. Support services are a big part of the business. A lot of clients are very needy, and want fast answers to their questions or problems.




Allways take in to account the amount of time you put into supporting your clients. Let's just say you put in 2 hours per day answering support tickets etc.. that equates to 60 hours a month roughly. You have 2 boxes and currently make $75.00 profit per box. So your total profit is $150.00 for the month divided by 60 hours. You just made a whopping $2.50 an hour!




Honestly you are better off getting a part-time job. You would make more :razz:




Of course you goal is to grow larger in size until the profits increase etc.. But most times that will take months, if not years.




I guess I got a little off topic, but I wanted to share the info that I have personally have found out the hard way.

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If you are targeting the lower end of the market, and have prices that reflect that. Just be up front with your potential clients and tell them that it's a self managed server. In other words, we don't install mani mod or AMX for you. We only make sure that your default game config is running etc..




Also you need to pick the games that you know don't use a ton of resources, so you can fit more on the boxes.




If you try to charge $2.00 a slot for Battlefield 2, you will die very quickly :razz:





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I agree 100% with these posts. Both models can be successfull, but both can also fail. The higher priced one just works better for ME :lol:




Again, each GSP has to decide on their own as to what market niche they are targeting and how best to acheive this and still be successfull.

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