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I do not understand pricing


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I have 2 dedicated servers, and will be increasing, we are a GSP, new, and hoping to increase rapidly soon. But i would need to know which one i need to purchase for more then one dedicated server.




Help please!?

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Each system starts out with 1 master server. From there you simply add on remote servers for each server box that you add.




So to begin you would need 1 master server and 1 remote server.




If you lease it would be $15.95x2=$31.90 per month




If you purchase it would be $200 for the master and $150 for the remote = $350




If you have any more questions, please feel free to email us at sales@tcadmin.com or call our toll free number 1-888-406-2217.





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If you purchase the remote it is a one-time fee. The purchase price includes 1 year of support and updates within the price. If you wish to renew support and updates after the initial year, it would be 15% of the purchase price. So for a remote it would be $22.50 for subsequent years if you choose to carry the support and upgrades.




You may opt not to continue the support+upgrades after the initial year. In that case the product is yours to run as long as you like.

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Hello, im still a little confused, so the total price would be $350, no matter how many dedicated servers i have




Because i would need to pay $200 for the master and


$150 for the remote,




my point being, can that remote be duplicated on more then one dedicated server?

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The remote server licenses are per server. So with 1 master it would be $200 (Master) + $150 (remote)




If you were to add another server on it would be another (remote) at $150.00




Each remote requires another license.




Or you could purchase the enteprise license which allows you to run as many remotes as you like.

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