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All talk about Hardware and so on!


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Letz talk about the Price of the Hardware!




Where u buy it?


What is the cost of the Hardware?




Me Company search for a cheap Hardware Reseller but in Germany/Austria that is not that cheap!




At the Moment we have only Singel CPU Server's but we trying to get some Dual CPU Servers, so can someone Post good and cheap Resellers for Hardware thar are shipping to Germany?!






Tell me, what u pay for a "good Gamingserver Hardware"?!




I think the Hardware is cheaper in the USA like here in Europa or? The good old free USA, like they say every time here in Euroopa in TV :grin:











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If there is a significant difference in hardware it may be beneficial to have a U.S. Contact assemble/purchase the products for you and then ship it over. Here is the list of what I buy for servers




Dual Xeon 3.0 800MHZ


2X80gb Seagate 7200.8's


2Gb ECC Registered Ram


Tyan Transport GX21 Barebones Unit




$1250 Build Cost








Starmicro.net for the Ram


Hdd's - Newegg.com


Transport barebones - mobo_outlet on ebay


Xeons - Normally from Ebay as well there are great deals on sealed retails. I normall get 2 x 3.0's for $350ish

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It was an HP 1 U system. Also the Win2k3 license I mentioned I saw on Ebay as well. There are a couple places doing numerous bids on the standard verision. Starting bigs werw like $250 I think, and outright buy was like $450.

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You can get very cheap Windows 2003 licences if you know someone within Microsoft. They have an empower program, or something like that, and I got my 2003 Enterprise Edition for like 50$. Or order something like Visual Studio 2003-2005, full servers included.

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i bring this up again ;)




we are currently searching cheap Dual Xeon Server (1u or 2u) maybe someone here have some "second hand" Servers ;)






min Hardware:




2,8 GHZ (Dual Xeon)


1 GB Ram


80 GB HD
















I looked @ Ebay.com there are many good offers, but the most of them dont shipp to Austria, so iam pwoned :sad:

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