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Hi There,


I've been with IGC-Panel for quite a while now. They have been great, very helpful and the tools, and software they are offering a really great. I have just recently run into a little bit of trouble with their Software though, the Online Web FTP has completely shut down, and does not work. Hence I can not upload mods, and custom files.


I would like to get some more information on TCAdmin as I've been looking around for a while, and have noticed that you have a Good Client base, and a lot of Happy Customers.


My questions;


1, I woud like to get TCAdmin run on the webhosting accounts that you offer, and I like the idea of Customizing the panel. Would it/is it going to be possible to add some customizations to the panel if it be run on your web accounts?


2, Probably retorical, but TCAdmin, will support Call of Duty world at war?


3, What would be the absolute best Operating System (OS) to run TCAdmin on?


4, I probably will not need this but, do you offer Set ups of the Panel, and installation unto the box? Fees can apply?



I thank you for your time, I will read Back on this soon in search of replies.





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I also would like to ask how the master/web host accounts work as it would appear to be alot diferrent to IGC-Panel.


I understand that I must have a valid Master Server License, in order to have the Web Host account though.



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1. Yes you can still fully custimize with them providing the webhosting

2. Yes, the beta allready has a config and there are more then enough GSPs interested in this game to ensure there is a working config.

3. At this time probably Windows 2003, but any Windows Server works.

4. You'll have to wait for tcadmin staff to answer, technically no but I think sometimes they do it.

You will still need to run the master monitor on your box, they are just running the website portion of the master for you. Freeing up some of your resources on your master machine and letting them deal with ensureing your database is regularly backed up. You will be provided ftp access, and will need to provide them with temporary access to your box to configure the split setup.

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