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Server 2003 Standard


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Ok this is probably a newbie question but I have to ask.




We went out a bought our first retail version of server 2003 with 5 CAL's. I was told buy the company that sold it to us that we would be able to run 5 servers with this. After getting it home and reading through the licencing agreements this doesn't apear to be the case. From my understanding of the licence it will allow only 5 devices (printers ect.) to access the server at one time or users.




Am I correct in this under standing or can we run the 5 servers with it? If we can't then I'm really mad that I just spent a grand on an OS for one server and have 4 more we need licencing for!




Thanks In advance



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You are correct in your assumptions. The 5 CALs are simply for remote access. You will need 4 more copies of Win2k3 for your other boxes.




I am very surprised a company would mislead you like that :shock: Unless the salesperson didn't know what they were talking about.

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One of the issues with getting a volume license for Windows is once you sit around and tap your foot for MS to get around to you they will remind you that you need 2 MS Certified techs working under your company in order to conform to the license agreements.. It's not an easy thing to get by any means..




This is only for volume licenses. Anyone can purchase a 'cal' or per user/machine license.

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