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Windows Server 2008 works fine with TCadmin. Before you install it, make sure you got the following features installed, if you are running it as master server and web admin:


1- IIS (Obviously)

2- Full IIS 6 compatibility (Metabase compatibility, WMI compatibility, all of it, except maybe FTP control or it will interfere with tcadmin)


4- CGI (Not 100% sure about that)


Once that's installed, I found that the TCadmin setup works fine.


NOTE: For 2008 x64, make sure you change the settings of the 2008 application pool to accept 32 bit applications

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Someone had mentioned that America's Army does not work with Windows Server 2008.


I can confirm that America's Army is running smoothly on Windows 2008 Enterprise 32-Bit. So no issues there for me.


The only real issue I had with setting it up in Windows 2008 was with the install and IIS, having to setup the website manually, but for anyone with some minimal Windows support experience it isn't too hard.

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Hi! I just got an dedicated server running windows web server 2008. Cannot get America's Army running. You mentioned creating a website. How do I do this?

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