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Request : BattleFront 2


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Ok I was talking to kevlar from black bag ops and his manager software is the same as before




swbf2sm.exe -start -kill




This will start the manager and and autokill it when manager is killed. Although he says hes not sure if it will work correctly becasue manager need to be a clean kill




so if anyone wants to try it out the dedicated server is already up for download here




this manager will work for the pc and ps2 version if you guys want to host both




the client version wont be available till appx next week sometime from what he told me so if anyone wants to try out setting up a config and posting it go ahead Im gonna give a whirl in a little bit




but the servermanager is included with the download of the dedicated server









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Cool. Thanks for the info Zero.




I think most clients simply start the manager without any variables and then start the actual server through that.




Then if the manager fooks up for whatever reason, they can restart it in TCAdmin without effecting the game server itself.

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I dont really have time to do it... I have a month's worth of work to do in 15 days now:\ The office decided they wanted a system I have been trying to get done for 6+ months, to be finished by November 17th...




I will diversify our games later, when I have more time to make them perfect, but right now, I am more than happy with our current client signups.






Sometimes I wish the GSP was my only responsibility, but there's other things that bring in a LOT more money...

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I understand. If you want I will have a config file for it tomorrow. I want to do the config editor for it.




And I can send you the zip package with the files if you like. Then simply add it to your billing, and you are good to go :razz:

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Ok this config works with the manager config perfectly the install includes the server manager and remote with it




I Tried getting it to set the server settings to work with autosetups but It wont work the manager overides the file




So youll need to configure the manager for the client beforehand




By the way for game compatibility battlefront I works fine




This setup will allow the start/stop to restart the server and manager




I think i got all the files in the config section although editing some of them is still overwritten by the manager


But I put them there so Clients can at least view them




I havent messed with the PS2 version yet


Kevlar was telling me the manager will work with


ps2 version but the actual server executable is different and the ps2 version doesnt include the manager so Ill get with him and see whats up with that




He said about a week for the manager to be available on the website so Im sure there may be a few additions


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Well I was able to get it to work correctly with the autoinstall in the serversettings.con file by actually starting the manager on the server with the default install files I am using.




It will create the settings files etc...






Then simply edit and use that for your default install, creating a link and template file for serversettings.con of course.




I don't have the manager yet, so I could not test it as far as connecting remotely. Also need to figure out what game protocol and port it uses for the query.







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did you download from the link i provided the game dedicated server includes the managers server and remote




Also look at my config i have query port set and compatitbility set to battlefront 1 and the server status funtion works

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I saw the Server Manager, but didn't even take a look for the Remote :shock:




it was late like 3am, so I must have missed it. Thank you for the info on the query port though. Ill have Luis add it to the list as Battlefront 2 in the next update.

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Im think that if we create file links to both serversettings.con and the servermanager.cfg file and include the same template file, this may work.




However, getting the users into the manager users file will be tricky, since they are encoded :shock:


So I guess for now we will need to run the servermanager at least once on the server so we can add an admin user to the manager.








Maybe you can ask kevlar if there is a way to enter admin users as plain text, so we can include a default admin user in the manager via the automation process.





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