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esf Mod for HL


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I am trying to run a HL mod called esf.


It installs and will run but it keeps crashing. I have tried several different servers and downloaded the files from different locations but still no luck.


The server will run fine for about 10 to 15 minutes then it will crash.


Anyone run accross this problem. We run several other HL Mods without any problems.

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Starting the server through RDP I can't query the game server using Qtracker


I have replaced the CS config in TCAdmin and used the default command line still crashes.


Command Line

-console -game cstrike +ip -port 27015 +maxplayers 20 +exec server.cfg +map de_dust2


Server config

// Set the Host Name

hostname "Name Changed to protect the innocent"


// Set the rcon password

rcon_password "XXXXXXXX"


// Set private password

sv_password ""


// Set Config File to be Executed on Map Change

mapchangecfgfile "server.cfg"


// Exec files on startup

exec banned.cfg

exec listip.cfg


// Server Logging

log on

mp_logdetail 0

mp_logmessages 1



// Server Variables

mp_timelimit 30

mp_autokick 1

mp_autoteambalance 1

mp_c4timer 30

mp_flashlight 1

mp_footsteps 1

mp_forcechasecam 0

mp_freezetime 1

mp_friendlyfire 0

mp_hostagepenalty 6

mp_limitteams 2

mp_roundtime 5

mp_tkpunish 0

sv_restartround 0

sv_maxspeed 320

sv_proxies 1

allow_spectators 1

mp_startmoney 16000

mp_chattime 0

sv_allowupload 1

sv_voiceenable 1

sv_alltalk 1

sv_gravity 240

sv_airaccelerate 100



pausable 0

decalfrequency 60

mp_falldamage 1


// cheat and fun modes

sv_aim 0

sv_cheats 0


// Set Rates

sv_maxrate 25000

sv_minrate 4500

sv_maxupdaterate 101




// Enable/Disable LAN mode

sv_lan 0


// Contact & Geo


sv_region 255

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They are being restarted, not crashing.


I have over 50 CSS and HL2 based games running on these servers this is only an issue with CS 1.6


I have set up four different test CS 1.6 servers on four different boxes in four different data centers using two different operating systems. I have downloaded and new CS 1.6 server files from steam. The only thing the four servers have in common is TCAdmin, the default command line, and the default server config.


I have even disabled the firewall and turned off the antivirus software

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Is it crashing or being restarted if it can't be queried then tcadmin will restart it every 10 mins. Perhaps you are troubleshooting the wrong thing.


I understand that TCAdmin will restart the server if it can't be queried, what I can't figure out is why TCAdmin is failing to query just the CS 1.6 servers.


I have treid various ports with no luck.

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Try the halflife query it works fine. If you already have it set to that then you have another problem, either something blocking the query or the server is not running where you think it is running. HL will jump ports if it believes the port is in use, whether the port really is in use or not.

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Then as I said before something is interfering with the query firewall, other program, CS1.6 setting/addon... Or the server is not running on the port you think it is running on. If you want to try and catch me on IM (studeggle at hatmail dot com) we could try and work on it I have a lot of practice with CS1. 6

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