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It seems AA is latest 2.8.4 but I only see it for on your site Mother.


Thats correct and the same verison you linked to in your post. ;)


Not really worth hosting it for them anymore since we are not on there official DL list anymore.


Also it's not my site, it's a friend's who I help Admin.

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The ones listed there are ones that the publishers have released free downloadable files for.


Thats correct. This is a community resource site and everything on that download list is allowed to be distributed where as what you were suggesting was sharing licensed software.


Big Difference. ;)

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And thats still illegal if it contains licensed software.


Not if the user already owns the software. If I purchase a game and own the right to use it where I download and install it from does not matter.


I can purchase a CD at Wal-Mart and download the files from the net as long as I comply with the software EULA.

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