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2000 fps? is it possible?


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I remember someone on the #hlserveradmins channel saying that if you nixed the sleep() cycle for SRCDS you could get insane FPS. I have no idea how to go about that though.


The real question is, is anything over 600 really needed, or just a marketing scam?

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1. 800 Mhzs 4 Gbs ram

2.1066 Mhzs 4 Gbs ram



You should never run two different kinds of RAM. I can't think of any good reason why you would do that


I think he was talking about the two different server configurations they use. If you mix ram, it should go to the speed of the lower one, but it's a bad idea anyway :)

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yeah, I noticed that later. :) lol


I see you edited your original post now :p


I got the email topic reply notification and replied straight away.


On the subject of your edit though:


Yeah Windows is limited to Steam when compared to Linux.


Indeed, they get -autoupdate and -fork :(

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You can only get 1000fps with HPET servicing interrupts. XP and 2003 do not support it. Only vista/2008 do.


You can get much higher FPS by reverse engineering HAL and patching in something that does ultra accurate sleeping (with queryperformancecounter())


I had windows up to about 3500fps max, but the cpu usage was too much..

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