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Can't install the tcadmin website


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Hey I need some help here.


When I install tcadmin on my home server tcadmin works with wonders. But now since I'm done playing with it and ready to put in to work I am now experiencing problems.


Here is my problem. I installed MySQL and created the user and database with no problems. I chose to install the master and web site. But when I go to my ip The website won't come up. I can't even get the default under construction sight to come up. I tried the localhost and the ip but which I do get the default underconstruction for IIS but I still can't get the admin panel to load. Windows fire wall is disabled and I am stumped. I am running windows server 2003 standard x64.


I uninstalled and reinstalled a few times but that still didn't do me no good. So I uninstalled and installed that master server. Then installed the web server on my home computer. The one I am on now infact. The web server works fine at this ip which again this is my home ip. Which has windows firewall enabled and my routers firewall is enabled. It work fine.


So what is my problem? Some one please help. I am willing to talk to somebody on msn, aim, yahoo, or what ever to help me figure this out.



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Like I said befor the firewall is shutdown. Well except for the firewall that is in front of all the data centers servers. I am running ASP .Net 1.1. I did have 2 but I uninstalled it and installed 1.1. But port 80 maybe blocked. But wouldn't I bee able to access from my local ip if it was blocked.


Oh and would all the user and admin login info be stored in the mysql data base on the master server or where ever its been installed?

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