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MOHAA 14 slot crash


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Hey jus wondering if anyone came across this.


I have a client that says everytime the server fills to 14 slot it crashes. Tried reinstalling and all but no luck. Mabee its the config but im not sure.

Doesent matter the map it jus crashes when the server fills to 14 slot.



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Anyone running mohaa servers should put this in there server.cfg


set g_allowvote ''0'' people can crash servers when set to 1


seta sv_allowdownload "0" People can download your server.cfg and get the rcon.


I'll try to post some fixes that i have like the game.dll that has the game leave and lodspawn. I also have the exe that has the buffer and the freeze of rcon. I also have a .pk3 file that has the fps crash the nade fix and the ladder shark.

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