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Hi all,


I am running Live For Speed servers on my windows server. Now I want to add a mod called LFSLapper to a server.


I installed it into TCadmin. It is installing/starting/restarting and i see it running in services.


It has the right cfg and everything is looking good. But it is nog opening the LFSLapper.lpr (config file) with the EXE file on startup.


If i go remote desktop and open the LFSLapper.exe myself it starts and works fine.


So the problem is that it has to open the LFSLapper.lpr. Someone gave me a advice to put LFSLapper.lpr in the Default Command Line. Did it but it still dosnt work.


Is it right to put LFSLapper.lpr (the configfile) into the Default Command Line?


Any other solutions?


Here is my full config file:





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