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Game Server Performance Charts


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How frequently are the statistics collected for these?


BTW I am referring to:


-Collect Game Server Performance Data

-Allow Users to Access Game Server's Player Charts

-Allow Users to Access Game Server's CPU Charts

-Allow Users to Access Game Server's Memory Charts


Currently it feels likes these graphs are not reporting as accurately as I would like.


We currently have our System Monitor Collect Interval set to 3 minutes, do Game Server Performance Charts collect at this frequency as well?

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I would set that value higher to something like 30 minutes. What can happen is the first process may still be running when TCAdmin tries to start a second collection.


This can cause errors and oddities within the panel.

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The main thing to watch is that the polling porcesses do not overlap. You can however play around with the timing of the polls to get it where you like it.


Just keep in mind that over time as you add more game/voice servers that the polling time will increase.

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