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tcadmin webserver and gameserver


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i have a question,


can i host the master and webserver (only tcadmin no other websites) in combo with gameservers

or is it better to have the webserver on a other dedicated server


i read a lot about lag when you run these both on 1 dedicated server

is that right? or can i do it both on the same dedicated server?


the dedicated server

2 Quad Core Xeon E5410 (2.33GHz, 2x6MB, 1333MHz FSB)

16GB (4x4GB Dual Rank DIMMs) 667MHz FBD

750GB Near-Line SAS 7.2k

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iam wondering the same thing



iam in australia and i hate the slowness of it


So how can i have this myself




i want what i have right now


i have the TCADMIN webhosting


So how can i set the way i have it now with tcadmin hosting the site?

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i found a nice dedicated server


Dell PE 860 Server

1x Intel Dual Core Xeon 3050


1 x 160GB SATA II Harddisk

Windows 2003/2008 Web

1 x 100Mbps Full-Duplex Uplink

2 IP's

2000GB data traffic

for € 36,75 / month (-25% @ contract term 12 months)


my questions now..

on this dedicated webserver i only need to install the TCAdmin website?

and on the dedicated Gameserver box the master server?

does this works fast enough, because the are not on the same box?


(Ps. i tested this on my 2 home servers and the tcadmin website was very slow

i-net connection home webserver 8/1Mbit

i-net connection home gameserver 24/2.5Mbit

when these where both on the same box the website was very fast)

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