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Hidden command line?


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sorry for the question but im new user and after successful setup I was wondering if there was a way to let clients edit a part of their server command line and hide another part.


exemple they could edit +set fs_game "themodtheywant"


but not +set sv_maxplayers %slots%



It must be easy I guess but I didnt find my answer yet in forums/kdb



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Short Version:


Goto System Settings>Game Configs, click on the game config. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the commandline icon. Add new command. Enter the command you wish the user to be able to use eg. +set fs_game and remember to add +set sv_maxplayers to the disallowed characters field.


Then in the custom commandline field for that game above, make sure that you have the %usercommandline% variable entered somewhere towards the end of the commandline template.

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