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COD2 With AWE Mod


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I dont mean to sound negative but I find it kinda counterproductive to make it a whole new game type its much easier to add it into the mods section and make additional variables available in the command line




It worked fine for me

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People do it both ways. For some it is esier to config a default game install, and then add the mod. For others it's easier to put the mod right in the config and install.




A good example of this would be for Counterstrike. Many game clients want some form of server control such as AMX or AMXX.




So our clients actually create 2-3 different installs and configs. One for each. that way when a client orders a CS server with AMX, they can simply fire that install, instead of having the client do it afterwards.




Or of course you can create the mod and simply click the install button after the initial server is setup.





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