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The price of computer components.

Todd Holley

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Just figured I would start a thread to get some people's opinion and thoughts of the recent PC components pricing. Prices now are around 50% of what they were 2 or 3 years ago. This is not statistically driven, just from my observations. I purchased components for a new desktop last week since the newest thing I had was a 4 year old Dell XPS. (I am not a fan of Dell personally). Well I wanted something new and relatively cheap. Therefore; I went to my all time favorite online store, http://www.tigerdirect.com, and purchased the following:



4 GB of Corsair RAM

An AMD Phenom processor

A couple of XFX graphics cards (since I have never played with SLI)

A couple of Western Digital Caviars (Been my favorite for general use for a while)

A Corsair case

A 550 Watt Power Supply


All of this cost me around 650 bucks.


After finally getting all the drivers to work with XP 32 bit for this damned XFX mb.... it performs better than anything I have ever played with.


Windows is fully booted and logged in in around 5 seconds. Copying some large video files from HD to HD takes seconds. Just playing some Call of Duty 4 to test it out. CPU runs around 46 degrees using stock cooler. GPU's running warmer somewhere around 56 degrees while gaming and 47 at rest. Map loads take around 6 seconds or so. I don't have any 3DMark scores for it as of yet. But for the price it has done much more than expected. May I also say that the SATA optical drives have a great performance boost over the older IDE optical drives.


**This post/thread was created strictly to inform.

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That processor is nice. Here is my home pc


AMD Phenom X 4 2.6 Ghz processor

3 GB Corsair XMS

500 GB SATA II primary HDD, 250 GB SATA II 2nd and 3rd HDD

Asus mobo

4870 ATi 512 MB video card

750 watt Seagate power supply

Creative XFi xTreme Music

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