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Quick question on restricted file types


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Hi guys....


I was just curious as to whether the restricted file types could be unrestricted on a user by user basis?


I have a couple of clients who develop mods, and whom I trust completely.


Is it possible to be able to lift the file restriction just for them, but leave it intact for others?


Any suggestions appreciated.

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Thanks for the input guys...


I think that it would be a VERY welcome function of V2, would make life so much easier.


@DougK94 - Possible option, not sure if it would interfere with TCA'sbuilt in ftp client though? (Can anyone confirm?~)


@Cissam - See reply to Doug :)


If possible I think that it may well be the second ftp app, running on other port.


The other option is of course get the client to upload the file as a .dll.x and us rename it..... just a ball ache for us though.

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As long as it is on a different port than TCAdmin's FTP server, then there is no problem. However you will not be able to use TCAdmin to create FTP accounts on this other FTP server.


I have done this for a couple of customers in the past.

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