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Battlefield 2 Special Forces


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Generic Config with:








default.cfg (for rcon)




Please note I have been testing some rcon methods over different ports. This config is set to port 16567 for rcon.




Please make sure you edit that to whatever port you are using.


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hmmm i have some problems with all these bf2 addons.




I want to start offering special forces and eur forces with bf2 and isntant game swithcing. And now i installed all the different Games on the server, and it seems it all installed into the Battlefield 2 Installation. So do i have to set up multiple installations with exactly the same content in it, ( it think the game differntation only occurs by a starting param ), or can i have on "BF2" Account with cmd line changer to all the different games.




What way did you do it, and am i even correct with all my unsure assumptions :shock:




Best Regards



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