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Windows 2k3 running out of TCP/UDP connections?

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Hey guys,


I have a 2x Quad Core (8Cores), 4GB Ram box in Sydney. It's been up for about 4 months. Its using Windows Server Enterprise 2003.


Its running exactly 256 slots at the moment, the most slots that are USED at any one time though is only around 100-150 max. The problem is NOT the HARDWARE, RAM is fine, no where near 4GB and CPU isnt even hitting 50% usage.


The problem lies with the connections somewhere...


After about 24hours, the box loses the ability to connect to any external servers/mysql databases,etc, e.g it can't connect to valve servers so players get Error with the STEAM USERID ticket.


Someone said I need to Tweak some TCP/IP settings etc, I already did that, and I also did some other tweaks which did not seem to help at all. The only way of fixing the problem is to reboot the entire server box, then everything is fine for about another 24hours. These are the tweaks I did:




Can anyone suggest why this is happening? Someone suggested I'm running out of UDP connections or something like that?


Thanks all!

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Also check the speed setting on the NIC and make sure it is set to the same as the switch port you are on. Make sure you are set in manually, avoiding auto detect.


Auto detect can cause all sorts of issues if not picking up the correct setting, which it rarely does :(


Port flapping which is what you describe above would not limit TCP/UDP connections as the OP listed.

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