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Suggestion for game updates

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I was thinking about something that could actually be useful for all GSP using tca and checking this forum :


why not making a special pinned thread where we post game updates (patches) with touched files only? This way we could all subscribe to the thread and get informed as soon as sum1 posts a link for the files. We could then download files and if possible host them on our webspace and post an extra download link.


Just an idea.

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well thats what I meant :this is a bit messed up.


We could create a thread per game and then post all the new patches links inside. Would make it easier to find and also to get warned when a new patch links is available by subscribing to the threads corresponding to the games u host.


Exemple :

CoD4 patches thread

CoD WaW patches thread



so basically in the cod4 patches thread u would be able to find all available patches, subscrbe and get a warn when a new message (= new patch) is posted.



Not to mention that in the forum u linked there are messages totally not related to patch download

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indeed thanks to the ppl posting the links. Well i was just thinking about making it ordered to avoid double posts etc this way all the links for game patches go in the same thread and it gives more alternative downloads etc


I say post away and let the MOD's sort it out! Muhahahhaha

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