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TCA basic to Advanced conversion?


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Question for those that have used TCA Advanced module for WHMCS. I see they have publicly released the advanced module. Wondering how hard or easy the conversion would be as I do have a working integration?


Also what are the advantages of the new advanced one?


Thanks for the feedback :)

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To convert, I simply went to Servers in WHMCS and changed the module from tcadmin to tcadmin_advanced, this updated all existing client services to use the new module. You will however need to manually change all existing products to tcadmin_advanced.

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I will see if Luis or Matt can create a script to do this. Might make it easier to upgrade.


Now were talking..... where do we go to beg? lol


Is there a way too overide this and still allow my customers to choose there own username and/or password?


I believe there is, it is mentioned in the other thread, I believe it simply requires some changes to one of the files.....


Also, there really needs to be an option in the module to select f you want the panel user/pass to come from WHMCS or as a custom field. Anyone wanting to do this should replace:


$billing_api_values["user_name"] = $params["username"];

$billing_api_values["user_password"] = $params["password"];




$customfields = $params["customfields"];

$billing_api_values["user_name"] = $customfields["Username"];

$billing_api_values["user_password"] = $customfields["Password"];


In there values php files. You then need to create a custom field called Username and Password for each product using this value file.

Perhaps these threads could be merged ??

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