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joint operations escalations


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Retail NovaLogic games are not TCAdmin friendly, but it can be good for the FTP side and also letting the customer change admin users. (sorta)Heck.... NovaGames arn't GSP friendly.




I have a config file but I don't know if it will do you much good... If the customer makes a change and stops and restarts the game you'll have to manually start hosting the game.


The retail version requires you to manualy enter login and password into novaworld. clcik on hosting, then select maps by hand and then click start.




The only way around it is to run Affiliate code. (and there are only 2 affiliates in the US) It allows you to start and stop the game at will from TCAdmin. :grin:

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Affiliate code is special code from the Developer to trusted providers. i.e. BF2 Ranked code is affiliate code. That usually alows you to run a server easier and with less resources.




You have to sign contracts and jump lots of hoops to become an affiliate. ohh and pay money to the maker to be able to use the code each month.




We are EA and Novalogic affiliates and working on Activision next.




Its not easy. There are only 2 NL Affiliates in the US and it took us 8 - 12 months to get it.



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