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dos type attacks on hl2 based servers.


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You guys know of any solution to the dos type attacks on hl2 based servers?


My servers are getting hammered from these stupid hackers.


Some of you guys might be being attacked and not know what it is.


I keep banning their IPs but they get new ones, turned in 2 of them and they got their Comcast Service taken away.


I can show you how thay are doing it. In PM staff only....

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These attacks are on the game server port, the server thinks it is a client logging in to the game but the hack script they use floods the port with \a repeatedly.

They go right through the firewall, it can't stop it with out closing the port.

If they null route it takes your server offline which it what the hacker was trying to do so he succeeds in taking down your whole server box.

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I had something similiar happen on the Battlefield Demo servers. Whatever attack they were using would make the server respond with "server full" when you tried to connect to it, even though it wasn't, essentially keeping people from connecting to the server.


Someone else had already figured out who it was, and I sent them a message saying they were 'busted', and knowing they had been discovered was enough to make them go away.


Firewalling thier whole subnet seems like a good temp fix, until the code can be fixed.

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