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Anyone have examples of the following policies their willing to share?

Acceptable Use Policy

Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

Customer Support Policy




Wild guess... Correct me if I am wrong but....... It appears to me that your interested in just using someone elses policies, instead of taking time into writing your own? If this is the case, I strongly discourage you get away from that habbit. Copying other sites content (whether its a description, or even policies in this case) will make a bad name for your company, and it will not make you any friends either.


If this isnt the case, then feel free to dis-regard this message.

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Nope, looking to see exactly what other hosts include in theirs to get a general idea. I looked at a few different hosts but some of them don't have the above mentioned policies or they aren't what I thought was normal.

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There is no normal per say, except possibly in the area of privacy.

Acceptable use - well if your going for cheap then you want this as tight as possible or you'll go broke, if your charging an arm and a leg for your servers then you can almost say do what ever you want except hack our servers. And of course there is everything in between these two extreems.

Terms of service - well what are you intending to give to your customers and what do you expect them to give to you to recieve said service. once again your price structure is very likely to effect this.

Support policy - Most deffinetly dependent on your price structure and one how your bussiness is built. Some companie's feel support elswhere is lacking so they make there companies very support hevy (IE they have a very large support staff 800 numbers and the works) others feel the customer they want to bring in won't need much support set them up and keep the machines going and the customer should be fine so they have little to no support staff.

Your policy must reflect your business model, and therefor should be written by you. Its fine to paruse around the net looking for ideas. But there is no fill in the blank set of policies and to do your business write and remain welcomed in the community you need to just sit down and take the time to write out your own policies from scratch. And then if you survive your policy will likely change at least a little and possibly a lot over the years.

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