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Killing Floor Config


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It has been set to "Unreal Tournament 2004". The reason why the other config in the other topic does not work is due to the query port being wrong - the query port should be the GameSpy port (7717) as specified correctly in JasonF's config.

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I am starting a new thread so people don't need to sift through a million threads to get a working config. I have added a command line parameter so the user can specify their starting map.


I have attached my config and a SS of the working query.




Theres a typo in your default command lines :



in fact it is ?VACSecured=false and its not necessary to add that parameter in command line as it can be set in the server config file

To enable logging you can also add -log=logname.log

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is there any prefix to adding it to the config, or is it as above




it seems to be a bit hit and miss on my 3 servers i have running. sometimes it says enabled, sometimes it doesnt.



its by default present in the ini :



about the enabled status if you monitor with HLSW it takes some time to get updated. But it definitely works fine setting it only in the config with


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