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Looking to start a small community.

[cbl] jon

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Hey gang, I was thinking about starting a community. I am thinking of whether it should be a full site, or just a blog site. Heres what I am aiming at here:


Crowd: Experienced GSPs to people thinking of starting a GSP.

I want to have techniques, tips, and general "chit chat", to make the GSP industry a even tighter group of people, who all know eachother by their first names.


I am still contemplating on whether to have this site open to the public, or if "pre-registration" is required. If its open to the public, anyone can view everything, but if it requires a registration, that has to be approved by an admin, it would keep out much of the "leaks"


In this forum, I would like to have GSP staff and owners helping eachother. Help with problematic mods, game files, and help with billing, or game panel support. Basically like a coffee house for GSP staff.


I need input. Constructive input. I know I have been talking about doing this for a while, but I think it would be nice.


Don't say "Oh its a waste of time" or anything negative, because thats not what I need, I need suggestions, and what YOU would like to see.


Anyways, thanks for the ideas. I will also need to start collecting volunteers to help me start this site up. This site in no way, has any sort of affiliation with Clan Base Live. I have decided this on my own, and thats only fair.

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sounds like a good idea, i would say on the registration front that members have to register, to keep the spammers at bay, as for input at the moment i dont have much to say until i can think of some real stuff to put here but i would say go for it and see what happens!

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Alright heres what has been going on lately.


I have decided to use vBulletin, (Legit license of course), and the style has been decided (not sure if I want to release it yet).


The site will be restricted to invitation code invites only. Meaning without a invitation code, you cannot view nor register to the forums. This will keep the forums much "tidier" and spam free.


We are also looking into getting vBSEO, however I am not sure if this is something we are really needing at this time.


I am still looking for help, but you must have something to offer!


The whole objective that I am trying to get at with this community is to make the industry tighter than it already is. To generate friendships between one another, and to offer it as a mid point for any support dealing with the standard GSP industry.


We have closen in on a few particular possible names, however this will come in the future.


Invitation codes will work out as follows:

The owner of a GSP fills out an online form, requesting access to the forums. The form will require information about the company. It will also request how many "invitation codes" that are to be requested. The invitation codes are strictly for staff members only. The form will be submitted, and within 30 minutes (average) you will have your application approved (or denied), and you will be able to generate ___ invitations.


Ill give more information closer to opening. We hope to open in the very beginning of June.



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And as far as having a Ventrilo or Teamspeak server, this may come at a point in time, but not starting right off. However donations will be gladly taken once we have all moved in, and became comfortable.


But - Be aware you will only get gratitude. This may sound rude, and it may put you off, but I plan to keep the site 100% ad free. Plus, its strictly for anyone thats involved in the GSP industry anyways.



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Well I have the site online, and I am using this invitation system...




I need some help however. You vBulletin gurus know a lot about this, I am having an issue making it invite only. I have tried deleting /register.php , however the inviation sends out a link like: xxxxxxxx.com/register.php?referrerid=1&invitation=cf2ebb593bfeef0b6f26


Deleting the register.php results in a 404 error.


Turning off New User registration doesnt work either, when you click the link, it says registering has been disabled.


I have removed the "Register" link via the template editors on the CP. However anyone can still access /register.php


If anyone can help.... Anyone.... Please send me a message... I need help, and I will love you forever ;)

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I have fixed it, I am looking for Beta testers to try to find any flaws, and give suggestions on all the boards I have created. If you are interested in being one of the first ones to see it, please PM me your email address.



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