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Game creation Name


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Hi, when I create a game using TCADMIN and it FTP's over from my master server I find its named the folder something crazy like this








Is that normal?




Hmm Now I have noticed that it placed some extra files in the list




by that I mean its FTP'd over some files i really don't know where from




link for a screenshot





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The TCXXXXXXXXXXXx numbered folder is perfectly normal. This info is entered into the database to denote what server belongs to what user etc...




Each folder will have a unique identifying number.




As for the files, the bottom listing is what you should have in the install directory.




Did you install and then run the STEAM Update?









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still the same




on my file server they are all listed in seperate folders yet when I do a creation I get those other folders first then I get everything after css so DOD folders the lot




Also I have noticed that when I import my css config it sets the ID as 10 nothing more nothing less




Is that normal as every other one is very long

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10 is an old ID number, but still valid. The TC numbers were added later when we coded in the ability to download and import the config files directly into TCAdmin.




I would check to see what you have the folder name set to in that games config. Maybe you accidently put another games file folder name in it?



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