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I have a question about affiliate code (or ranked servers)




I have someone requesting some dedicated servers from me to supposedly loady ranked bf2 servers onto. They claim to have gotten the code from the web not from EA.




What is the likely hood that it is actually afiliate code?


Do you think if it is affiliate code my company could get in trouble for providing the boxes its loaded onto?


I would not be endorsing them in any form or fasion, just providing the dedicated servers to the customer that has the code.




All knowlegable comments are very much appreciated as I have no experience with EA or any of the other affiliate companies. I'm to small and new to deal with that kind of stuff right now. :cool:

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Doug is correct. All ranked server affiliates are required to register server IPS with EA for stats tracking. Not stats will be accepted by unknow IPs.




This problem arose from EA not being careful as to who they gave the ranked code out to. And some GSPs were also not careful as to what access was given to their clients.




So in a nutshell, if you are not an affiliate of EA the ranked code is useless, since you woould have to register the IP(s) within their system, which only true affiliates can do.




Furthermore, I am sure that EA has some form of tracking mechanism in place to see if ranked code is broacasting stats from an unauthorized IP. I am sure they would contact you if you were to run it.




My suggestion would be to turn those clients away to avoid any issues. Even though you simply are renting them a server, you are now aware of what they intend to do with it. Which could make you liable as well.







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I had to laugh at the OPs reference.. Come on man, You cannot be that naive.. Someone told you they found EA's Ranked code on the internet and you didn't think anything of it? There are alot of things floating around the net but that doesn't mean they are legit.. Unless EA personally sent you an email with a approval to host ranked servers you cannot host them on your equipment.










We had a few issues with people wanting to rent boxes from us just recently on the pre-tense of selling Ranked servers off them but of course those ips were not in the ranked database so any software they had was useless.. I suspect it was the same sort of deal you are talking about..











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