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Config makes no difference


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On my COD servers when I make a build the server loads fine but when I do a Serverinfo and join it it shows as the config it imported




Even when I change that config or replace server.cfg with a clients backup I still see the server called CoDHost instead of the client name




I have deleted the mp_config and let it be re-populated as the server starts to see if that was it but no difference it still shows as CoDHost

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<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>






<NAME>Call of Duty</NAME>


























<DEFAULTCMDLINE>+set dedicated 2 +set net_ip %serverip% +set net_port %serverport% +set sv_maxclients %slots% +exec server.cfg +map map_rotate</DEFAULTCMDLINE>


<DEFAULTCUSTOMCMDLINE>+set dedicated 2 +set net_ip %serverip% +set sv_maxclients %slots% %usercmdline% +exec server.cfg +map_rotate</DEFAULTCUSTOMCMDLINE>


<PRIVATECMDLINE>+set dedicated 2 +set net_ip %serverip% +set sv_maxclients %slots% + exec server.cfg +map_rotate</PRIVATECMDLINE>


<PRIVATECUSTOMCMDLINE>+set dedicated 2 +set net_ip %serverip% +set sv_maxclients %slots% %usercmdline% +exec server.cfg +map_rotate</PRIVATECUSTOMCMDLINE>














































<CONTENTS>//Call of Duty Default Server Configuration File






set sv_hostname "%hostname%" // name of your server as listed in the in game browser


seta g_privatepassword "Your_Private_slot_password" // set your private password here, works with sv_privateclients


seta rconPassword "%rconpassword%" // set your rcon password


seta g_log "server.log" // what you wish to name your log file


seta protocol "1"


seta sv_pure "1" // pure servers, will not allow anyone to play on your server with custom pk3 files loaded into their main dir.


seta g_logsync "0"


seta sv_gamespy "1" // 1 = your server will be listed on gamespy 0 = your server will not be listed on gamespy


seta sv_floodprotect "1"


seta g_forceteamspectate "1"


seta sv_invulnerabletime "3" // time in seconds that you can not be killed when spawned


seta g_teamkillwarn "3" // number of team kills before a warning is issued


seta g_teamkillkick "5" // number of team kills before client is kicked


seta g_teamswitchdelay "10"


seta sv_maxping "250" // max ping a client can have to connect to your server, only checked when client is joining


seta sv_maxrate "20000" // bandwidth your server is allowing for each client. Please see other guide on how to calculate this


set g_inactivity "120" //Set time before an inactive client is kicked


seta scr_motd "" // this will be displayed on the server menu when clients join


seta sv_privateclients "" // leave blank unless you wish to have private clients on your server.


seta g_password "%privatepassword%" // game password if you want a private server


seta g_allowvote "0"






//General Game Default Deion


seta scr_allow_bar "1" //0 - disable weapon 1 - enable weapon


seta scr_allow_bren "1"


seta scr_allow_enfield "1"


seta scr_allow_fg42 "1"


seta scr_allow_kar98k "1"


seta scr_allow_kar98ksniper "1"


seta scr_allow_m1carbine "1"


seta scr_allow_m1garand "1"


seta scr_allow_mp40 "1"


seta scr_allow_mp44 "1"


seta scr_allow_nagant "1"


seta scr_allow_nagantsniper "1"


seta scr_allow_panzerfaust "1"


seta scr_allow_ppsh "1"


seta scr_allow_springfield "1"


seta scr_allow_sten "1"


seta scr_allow_thompson "1"


seta scr_allow_vote "0" //Allow call voting


seta scr_drawfriend "1" //Draws a team icon over teammates


seta scr_forcerespawn "0" //Force respawning - DM & TDM


seta scr_friendlyfire "2" //0 - off 1 - on 2 - reflect damage






//Behind Enemy Lines Default Deion


seta scr_bel_alivepointtime "10" //Number of seconds to get a point for staying alive as allied


seta scr_bel_scorelimit "50" //Map score limit


seta scr_bel_timelimit "20" //Map time limit, in minutes - 0 to 1440




//Deathmatch Default Deion


seta scr_dm_scorelimit "250" //Map score limit


seta scr_dm_timelimit "20" //Map time limit - 0 to 1440, in minutes




//Retrieval Default Deion


seta scr_re_graceperiod "15" //Time at round start where spawning and weapon choosing is still allowed, 0 - 60 in seconds


seta scr_re_roundlength "10" //Map round length in minutes


seta scr_re_roundlimit "5" //Max Number of round wins per map


seta scr_re_scorelimit "0" //Map score limit


seta scr_re_showcarrier "0" //Show the objective carrier on compass


seta scr_re_timelimit "15" //Map time limit, in minutes - 0 to 1440




//Search and Destroy Default Deion


seta scr_sd_graceperiod "15" //Time at round start where spawning and weapon choosing is still allowed, 0 - 60 seconds


seta scr_sd_roundlength "10" //round length


seta scr_sd_roundlimit "5" //Max Number of round wins per map


seta scr_sd_scorelimit "0" //Map team score limit per map


seta scr_sd_timelimit "15" //Map time limit, in minutes - 0 to 1440




//Team Deathmatch Default Deion


seta scr_tdm_scorelimit "300" //Map score limit


seta scr_tdm_timelimit "25" // time limit for your game in minutes




// The rotation.


set sv_mapRotation "gametype tdm map mp_brecourt gametype tdm map mp_carentan gametype tdm map mp_dawnville gametype tdm map mp_depot gametype tdm map mp_harbor gametype tdm map mp_hurtgen gametype tdm map mp_pavlov gametype tdm map mp_railyard gametype tdm map mp_rocket"


------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------








<DESCRIPTION>Contains server configuration settings</DESCRIPTION>


<DISPLAYNAME>Server Configuration File</DISPLAYNAME>




















<FULL_COMMAND>kick <playername></FULL_COMMAND>
















<FULL_COMMAND>ban <playername></FULL_COMMAND>
















Command line is




+set dedicated 2 +set net_ip %serverip% +set net_port %serverport% +set sv_maxclients %slots% +exec server.cfg +map_rotate

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But as I said, I deleted that to let it get re-populated once the server started with the ready made server.cfg




One of our guys thinks its all to do with server.cfg




He changed it to dedicated.cfg and it worked fine its really strange

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