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CSS - Server stops & sets its startup type to disabled.


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One of my clients came to me yesterday with a problem, saying that they could not start the game server. I found the startup type was set to disabled, so I corrected this. The server started. Today the problem happened again, so I created a new service and copied the files across thinking there would be no further problems; however 5 minutes into the servers running, and the game server stopped. I looked at the services once more and again it was disabled. This leads me to believe it is something to do with the server files rather than the service itself - however this puzzles me, as I do not have a clue how something which is a problem with the files could effect the startup type.


Has anyone else experienced this problem? Also this is just a single client experiencing this.


Windows Server 2003 x32

No mods.

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Server monitoring, probably is on and believes there is a problem (thinks server is not running, things they removed branding, thinks the player slot count changed, think they changed between private and public) but no emails setup to notify you or the emails are not getting through due to misconfig in tcadmin or mail server. ;)

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There are a few ways a server will set itself to disabled in the service settings.


1. Slot count gets changed with Server Monitoring on.

2. Public/Private gets changed with server monitoring on.

3. Branded Text gets changed with service monitoring on.

4. If you are using a third party billing soiftware such as Modernbill on WHMCS and the client does not pay and the server gets suspended.


It sounds like 1 of the first 3 to me.

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I sometimes got that issues and it is 99% due to users executing a war config with a different slots amount than what they paid for (or changing the slots with rcon thinking they can get more than what they paid if they dont edit the files but do it manually).


Altho when a server is disabled you should receive a warning email so you may have to set this up and then you will know why it is disabled.

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