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To read crashes on servers?


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is there any way to read crashes or such on servers? because on console monitor by TCadmin, it doesn't really show why.


Is the only way .mdmps files or logs? is there any programs or console commands where we can see why server crash or restarted, etc?


thanks. just wanted to know

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start the server manually with a bat and you can often see the crash reasons into the console.


thanks! but how about if its during the random time?

like either through a exec file or a mod, plugin, map? etc


is there a way to tell any of that during the startup of the .bat?

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When your server crashes check the game folder and you'll see mdmp files (this is for source) on windows. You'll need a program that can read those types of files, and you must know what to look for as well.


If not, you can usually post them on some website/forums and some good guys can tell you what crashes the server



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btw if u talk about css servers Ive seen a new crash script, the guy can crash any server at any time with a vac banned account just by "trying to connect" a few times in a row, makes server crash in like 5 seconds.

I caught that swedish Guy IP and banned him on the server he was crashing, looks like it did the job since he didnt crash it for over 24 hours.


Anyway checking the console logs is often the best way to see the reasons why it crashed if that happens to be at random times.

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