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File Server?


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Also as a secondary question,




I have read the directory Structure document and it says that "Folder Names should Exactly match, the following" but then the only folder it mentions are TCA.Patches




Where do Mods go etc!








|-COD /dir


> |-TCA.Patches /dir



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You can tag remote servers as MAster FTP servers as well. This will allow you to pull files from that server vs. pulling them from the true master server. But the server must have tcadmin installed on it to work.




Folder names that you mentioned are above are:









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After having my coffee and re-reading your initial question, I realised I forgot to mention you can use a NAS storage device to house your gamefiles.




You would need to simply map a drive on the servers to the NAS storage device, and then point the Game Install directory in the server config to point to it.





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