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custom link with a server stop


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I was given a code made by Luis to run an exe via a button on the Panel.


Only "problem" is that the server is not stopped before the exe is ran, that was not a big deal for my previous usage but for the one I want to make now I really need the server to be stopped so here is the code if any1 can help :



Dim pageTitle As String = "MyCustomProgramName"
Dim stopGameServer As Boolean = False
Dim relativePath As String = ""
Dim command As String = "cd %path%" + vbnewline + "%path%\MyCustomProgram.exe"
Dim startMessage As String = "The program is running please wait...<br>"
Dim endMessage As String = "Operation terminated successfuly.<br>You can close this window."


Response.Write("<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC ""-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"">")
Response.Write("<HTML><TITLE>" & pageTitle & "</TITLE><BODY bgcolor=""#000000""><font face=""Lucida Console"" size=""2"" color=""#FFFFFF"">")

If TCAdminSDK.Web.Session.IsAuthenticated Then
Dim serviceid As String = Request.QueryString("serviceid")
Dim service As New TCAdminSDK.Objects.Service
service.ServiceID = serviceid
If service.Find Then

Dim path As String = System.IO.Path.Combine(service.AutomationFilesPath, relativePath)
command = command.Replace("%path%", path)


If service.UserID = TCAdminSDK.Web.Session.CurrentUser Or TCAdminSDK.Web.Session.CurrentUserType = TCAdminSDK.Objects.UserType.Admin Or TCAdminSDK.Web.Session.CurrentUserType = TCAdminSDK.Objects.UserType.SubAdmin Then

Dim serviceWasRunning As Boolean = False
If stopGameServer And service.CurrentStatus = TCAdminSDK.Objects.ServiceStatus.Running Then
Response.Write("Stopping the game server...")

serviceWasRunning = True
End If

Dim serverplugin As TCAdminBase.Plugins.IGenericPlugIn = TCAdminSDK.Remote.InstanceCreator.GetPluginFromServer(service.ServerID, "TCAdminMonitor.StandardPlugins.RemoteServers.ServerUtilities")
serverplugin.Execute(New Object() {"ExecuteScript", service.WorkingDirectory, command})

If serviceWasRunning Then
Response.Write("Starting the game server...")
End If
End If

End If
End If



Note that I noticed that this code is supposed to stop the server but it just doesnt so there must be some typo or error somewhere.

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