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Before you download and import any configs READ THIS!


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Since some people seem to misunderstand the purpose of config files I feel that a post is in order.




Let me start by saying this:




You need to know how to host a game before attempting to host it!




It seems many people come to the forums and download a config file and think it will magically work. This is not so. These config files are meant to be used as a guide. There are a zillion different configurations that people can post, and they might not work with your current configuration.




Also the requests for configs is getting a little out of hand. If you post a request, and no one answers, build one yourself. Why would any other GSP want to download a game and create a config for you, if that don't have one. What this shows is people are trying to host games they know nothing about. In short, if you can't setup and config a game with a panel, then don't host it! At least until you understand how the game works




It seems the less experienced users like to take orders for games they know nothing about, then post a request for a config file for it. This is not what the forums are meant for. The forums are meant to share config files, not request that someone else do all the work for you to create a config.

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go to steam and download hldsupdatetool. learn how to run a server from srcds and the console. very easy. then you can know what tcadmin is doing for you so if something messes up you know how to fix it

most hl2 games are started by srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +ip.... -tickrate ... -port ..

there are many things you can do with the cmd line. hldsupdatetool comes with a txt file telling you the command... LEARN first then ask questions if you don't understand


thats my opinion. then again i've been playing with srcds for 1-2 yrs. what do i know?

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