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Checking for config errors


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In my other sticky I have stressed the fact that configs posted here, may not work with your current configuration. There are many variables involved with these game configs. The most important one is the file paths to essential config files.




A common problem we receive tickets on is someone will try to create a game server and get an error, or the server doesnt show up in the services list.




Reason: The have an incorrect config file for that game.




Fix: Located on the master server in C:\Program Files\TCAdmin Game Control Panel\Logs folder is numerous log files which collect errors and information. If you have a game server fail to install, look at the file called MonitorErrors.txt




This file will give you the specific reason why the install failed. It will also give you the reason why, such as "Can't write to file xyz" This means your install files and file links are improperly set and the software cannot find the file to write to. This is due to a bad configuration for that game.




Remember, the configs posted here come from many different sources. So don't import and assume they will work. You will need a knowlege of the game and of it's file structure before attempting to host it.







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