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well both but i have not yet sussed the mysql auto create method still doing this myself for now but all works good for us anyway it you could elaborate a little on the mysql that would be good i know b3 forums are looking for a good tca how to so i'm trying to prepare a vid to post

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Can you explain what is needed and how to setup the SQL part please and thank you ;)


Mine runs on one server. SO it might take some tweaking to make work on every server, but since you used MySQL for TCAdmin or should have, you can use your master server if you run it to host the mysql database for you. All it really takes from there is a username and password to be entered into the scripts i gave and it will automate just about everything else for you. It needs to be a user with full permissions except administration permissions, so like the TCAdmin remote user, Root, or another one you have created.


As far as setting up the MySQL server, i can help out some, but really to understand the MySQL server and how to operate it, spend some times running through dev.mysql.com site and read through their stuff.


Let me know if you need specifics or more explaination on a certain area and i will be more than willing to try and help.




Jeremiah Shinkle

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My sql setup just use xampp has phpmyadmin already to go no messing if it interfears with iis just adjust the webserver port in the httpd_conf file located in the apache dir


If your running XAMPP, then unfortuanally i am unable to support you much on it. The commands should be the same, but it has been years since i have used XAMPP, i just run IIS, with php support and MySQL if i really need it. I leave apache to Linux and IIS to windows.

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no xampp runs fine and sql runs in the same location so all is good quick and easy setup set apache to diff port so i can include Echelon for client to manage clients on


Apache on windows can never be good ;)


As far as this B3 script, i am in the works of redoing it already, but its not on my high priority list. I have to crank out my new website here by the end of the month, and if Safari and Chrome don't play nice it might be hard to get it there. I won't let me B3 script go to waste or die out, but as much for updates to it, will have to wait :)

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Yes while i agree i only offer it to certain people or if they ask. I don't really publicize that i do it for the fact that i dont want everyone and their dog to come running to me to host it for them.




Thanks, i will. Glad it works for you! =]

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The install Script

mysql -u root -p*root mysql password here without the asterisks* < %userfilespath%b3sqlinstall.bat


the uninstall script

mysql -u root -p*root mysql password here without the asterisks* < %userfilespath%b3sqlremove.bat


The command line for that after the -p for password IS NOT SUPPOSE TO HAVE A SPACE. It will fail to create.


Hey Bullfrog, I hope you're still active on these forums and you have email alerts enabled! :)


Let's assume the root pw is "password", would the install script be this?

mysql -u root -ppassword < %userfilespath%b3sqlinstall.bat


Are there not supposed to be spaces after the PW, like this?

mysql -u root -ppassword<%userfilespath%b3sqlinstall.bat

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I now have b3 working without the need of a .bat


navigate to your b3 install folder and type:


mklink /h python.exe C:\Python25\python.exe


Set the exe to python.exe


Commandline to b3_run.py -c b3/conf/b3.xml


Symlinking baby, its whats for dinner.


basically you are telling Windows, make a file called python.exe and point it to C:\Python25\python.exe




Wish there was a way to do this without having to but, its doesn't waste a task like a .bat does. So you gain a tiny big of resource savings. It may not make a difference if its only a few b3 instances, but as they grow, it will add up.


Edit: It looks like 2k3 machine may require a different command.


Look into fsutil hardlink create


wich b3 did u download

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Hey, is there any way to get the MySQL database to be made using a set username/password but a dynamic db name? In this case I would be wanting to use the main server "Display Name" (the name at the top of the server info box in TCAdmin), *not* the "Host Name" (I am installing b3 as a Secondary Application in the same directory as the gameserver).. I know there is the "%hostname%" command, but is there anything for the "Display Name"? Especially one that looks at the primary server and not the b3 server's name? An example is below.


Main Server Type: CoD4

Server "Host Name" (setup when installing): CoD4 18 Slots

Server "Display Name" (able to change after install): SnD


I want the b3 database to be called "SnD" and to automatically grab the name from the main (CoD4) server.. Is this possible?

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Ok i have b3 installed onto the server i just dont know how i would add it into TCAdmin. Any help?


If you have the config file, just go to System Settings>Supported Games>Import (button at the bottom) and browse to the TCAdmin Config file. There is one on Page 3 of this thread and on the B3 website.

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