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FTP don't work


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Hi everyone,


I have a problem, is FTP Server that don't work. Why?

I haven't install any FTP Server because I don't know if is required or if TCAdmin do it itself.

And if I need to install a FTP Server what should I use.



Hope get some support, because I don't have any idea! :|:

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okay, that resolved the connection but now appear other problem.


When connects to ftp game server, don't show nothing, and after some time gives error saying:


Response: 552 Requested file action aborted.

Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing


what's wrong now? :~

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Hey I'd like to know the solution to the problem as well. Port 21 is open on my firewall, and i'm able to log in, but it eventaully times out


if using windows firewall u dont need to open port 21 , just make sure MonitorService.exe is in the exception list.


I got issues sometimes aswell with timeout tho.

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It could be a problem when it tries to enter passive mode. In your server config (TCAdmin) you will see FTP passive mode port range, you will need to open that range of ports on your firewall. You can find some scripts to expedite this process.


I used to have similar problem on 2 boxes and switching FTP method didnt help. I got exactly same OS setup on all mty machines and faced this problem on 2 so far. "lucky" me after a format/reinstall (for another reason) it was gone.

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