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CSS hlds update error - debug assertion failed


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sorry diff guy started the thread for us




THe correct file is in the monitor folder




We tried to do a manual after the update as we couldn't get the servers to show on the desktop to see what was going on




As soon as we tried a manual update we saw the error

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tried Steam update button first




worked for all of one I think problem free




next one took 3 attempts




the others have this error. On the ones that are producing the error the panel was saying its running but we couldn't see it up. We set it to run on desktop but that made no diff so I logged onto the box and created a batch file to run in the game folder itself. Then we saw this error

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Luis is still working on this issue as it seems to have more than one prblem with it. 1 is with TCAdmin and the other with the HLDSUpdatetool.




He is making progress and thinks he has found both issues, but needs to test it further before putting out an update.

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OK, Luis has tracked down the problem with the HLDSUpdatetool.




We apologise for the problems it has caused with this latest update.




Unfortunately, STEAM had changed the way the tool updates itself a couple updates back. It took a little bit of time to reproduce the problem on our end, since our test server updated itself fine.




Luis is working on a fix for this that should be released tomorrow.




If anyone still has any un-updated servers, I would suggest grabbing the patch file that we created which is located in this thread: http://www.tcadmin.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=822& start=0&rid=2




You can use the batch update system to update any or all of your server by publishing the patch in your panel.





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