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Left 4 Dead Servers - Crashing Randomly?


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I was wondering if anyone has any left 4 dead servers on windows

using source mod & metamod on their server


I been having some randomly crashes throughout the game.


I heard the game been happening like this lately.


I have updated the snapshot and metamod snapshot


sourcemod is latest version of 1.23

and metamod is latest of 1.7.1


anyone else experiencing this and would like to give a way to either fix the crash?



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During Vanilla, while testing it..

it seems like

it crashed as well with nothing changed in server.cfg, no source mod nor metamod.


But it crashed later..

however i did change the setting to versus mode and spawn a hunter throughout the map



also im running on th left 4 dead apartment 01 map.

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Nope, I will try that out.


Is there any settings or such as server.cfg that you have changed or any plugins you have installed?


or just source mod + metamod?




changed nothing, got l4d up to date together with SM And Metamod latest final releases


v1.0.1.4 (Windows, Dedicated, Protocol 7)

MetaMod:Source v1.7.1, SourceMod v1.2.3

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Did you try reinstalling it? Post your command line here, and do -verify_all as well.



I did reinstall it.


command line:

-game left4dead -console +ip -port 27017 +maxplayers 8 +exec server.cfg +map l4d_vs_hospital01_apartment


*the ip isn't missing* its there i just delete it.


try -verify_all in command line?

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Yes in the command line.


He's probably fiddling with the files screwing them up and it's causing a lot of errors thus crashing the server. He is probably one of those kids that have a megabyte worth of error logs lol.


Welcome to the world of being a GSP :)

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If your client allows you to do your maintenance and see what's going on. I can provide you with some checks that you should do. I'm very experienced with SourceMod and MetaMod... Usually it's either a outdated SourceMod, or the new version could have broke something... 90% of the time it's a certain plugin that breaks it. If they are running it for CEVO with the plugin (Ready Up I think) then that's can be it

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I get the same issues with users who run cevo readyup, they complain the server crashes. It has been like this ever since the readyup mod was released. Odd thing is some people don't complain, I don't know if they have it installed but don't use it much or what.

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