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Soldier of Fortune 2


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When my SoF2 server starts it crashes right away.


I have been working a lot lately so maybe I am missing something here. This is what I did:




-Installed game and patched to Gold Edition on my PC


-Zipped the files and uploaded to server (windows 2003)


-Made a server.cfg


-Made a mapcycle.mapcycle


-Made shortcut with correct Target lines (for testing first , later with TCadmin)




With the same server.cfg and .mapcycle the dedicated server runs at my home PC(XP). I begin to wonder if the sof2 dedicated server is windows 2003 compatible.... I hope someone can tell me what I am missing......





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+set net_noipx 1 +set dedicated 2 +set net_port 20100 +set sv_pure 0 +set com_hunkmegs 32 +set net_ip +exec server.cfg




I also guess some files are corrupt. The thing is it takes me 10 hours to upload all again to the server. Does anyone know which files are needed for the dedicated server? Or can someone provide me a download from server to server?

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24play1 helped me alot.




I already thanked him over MSN but I wanna say thanks to him here a well.




-There was nothing wrong with my configs


-There was nothing wrong with the files


-There was nothing wrong with the start-up line




Thanks to 24play1 we found out that the DEP in Windows was blocking SOF2!!! LOoool Suddenly 24play1 remembered that he once also had this problem!




n1 mate :grin:

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