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Dallas Dedicated Servers


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As we all know, texas seems to be very popular nowadays for a spot to rent dedicated servers.


I just ran across an ad on WHT from these folks.






Hosted in The Infomart, which is where the Planet hosts one of their datacenters, and made up of ex- Planet employess.




I can't vouche for service, but they look like they have some good deals on good servers.




Though I would mention it for anyone looking for dedicated rentals down that way.




And they offer Windows! YAY!



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Kevin, did you see who posted that ad? :smile: and then look to see who all is running this company? Bet you, Hoagie and some others will reckognize a few of the names :smile: Hint, the names are all listed in the meta names. Also take a look at some of the names who have posted on WHT with a signature for this company :smile: I may have to try a server with them :smile:






Oops just read your original post again and see you already saw the names. Lance Crosley, Mary Hall.....

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I was wondering where they went on too...




I still have an offer letter from Lance for a job at TP from 2 years ago, that I am kinda wishing I took. Oh well, life goes on. Maybe they will have tech openings soon that I can apply for.

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Welcome Mary,




Many of our clients are still customers of The Planet, so they remember yourself as well as others within your new company.




Our clients are always looking for good deals on dedicated machines for gaming. Perhaps you could give them an overview of your network, and what sets you apart from the rest?




And please feel free to post any specials you folks have here in this forum.




Best of luck with your new company :grin:




Kevin O'Donnell



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I just purchased a server with these guys.




I run a dedicated server with ThePlanet.com for webhosting but due to the good deals they have at softlayer I decided to try out a single dual core system with them for clan gameservers.






The server was up in 2 hours after purchase late on a friday evening....... wow.




I've always been happy with theplanet's throughput and ping and softlayer is the same.




Running 4 game servers with win2003 (no extra charge for OS) and I gotta say the ping and performance is better than I expected.




I used to host a dual xeon server with Rich from DefconServers.com which I was very happy with, both the server and his company. I had to cancel due to the cost and find a lower end system.




Anyway long story short.... I am in Massachusetts, and in softlayer's texas datacenter I'm still getting 100ms or under usually 67-75 with all servers full... now thats pretty damn good. The ping times im stating are from being in one of the halo servers... if you do a simple ping its steady at 50-55 ms




If your looking for NY servers, you can not beat defconserver's dedicated prices but if your looking for a central US server to serve people from multiple areas of the US you definitely need to check these guys out.




I'm also considering moving our Linux Webserver running Cpanel over to them as well.

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