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multiple command lines ut2004


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Yup. Goto System Settings>Supported Games and click on the UT game. At the bottom of the page click on command line variables.




In there you can add any commands that you wish your users to have access to.




Once you have added them, make sure to include the %additionalcommands% variable in the commandlines for the game as well.




This allows the user to create as many commandlines as they like from their side. Of course they can only use the commands you specify.



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I think where I am getting hung up is at the command line




for example, would I have to put the entire command line as default or just the beginning with some variables in it or would i need the full thing




server VCTF-Arcade game=XGame.xvehiclectf?MaxPlayers=%slots% ini=UT2004.ini log=log.log port=%serverport% multihome=%serverip% (full)




or would it need to be




server MaxPlayers=%slots% log=log.log port=%serverport% multihome=%serverip%




I want people to be able to create their own custom command line and if possible reference another ini file in the same game




for some reason I am having a hard time following the whole custom command line thing.



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