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I must be stupid, but I can't get it to work the way I thought...




We have someone who is merging 2 of their game servers into 1 switch set, so they can have a new game on their other instance... Since the games are already on the same box, I just figured I could add a switch to the main game, and add the 2nd game under the switcher... but when I am admin, I can turn both on at the same time. Is that how it works, and do both games still show up in their game list, or do they have to do something else besides just turn off one to start the other?




I hope that makes sense, I'm on cold & flu medication right now, so I might be just typing blah blah blah to you guys.

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lol. I do the same type of stuff here at our office:) On this side of our T1, we have a squid, that logs everything for me (including POST variables), so getting passwords is easy to mess with someone on a board;)




I just try not to ask the user for their password, he's already changed it from when he signed up.

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